A Personal Injury Attorney with Medical Expertise

The Dr. Greg Vigna law firm is uniquely qualified to help you after your serious injury accident. Dr. Vigna is a catastrophic injury lawyer who has over twenty years of medical experience as a board certified rehabilitation physician. As medical director of a 60 bed rehabilitation facility Dr. Vigna oversaw complex and serious injury care. He also found that not all patients received the same types of treatments, with some missing out on leading therapies recommended by experts in the field of trauma recovery. This motivated him to pursue his law degree and become a powerful advocate for both adult and child trauma victims‘ rights. Dr. Vigna is the only board certified rehabilitation physician, attorney and certified Life Care planner in the country.

Dr. Vigna understands your injuries and how they will affect you for the rest of your life. As your serious injury lawyer he builds a case based on a detailed medical assessment of your current and long-term needs, and advocates for the best possible jury ruling or legal settlement so you can receive the highest quality care possible. This translates directly into better therapies, interventions, and long term outcomes.

Wide Range of Experience

High Speed Accidents

Dr. Vigna has experience working with victims who have experienced high speed accidents such as car accidents. He can help you if you are the victim of a boating accident, trucking accident, motorcycle accident, car and bicycle accident. These types of injuries are often associated with an impact to the head, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries which result in paralysis, bone fractures and damage to the internal organs. High speed accidents required a medical team of specialists trained in your unique injuries, and a rehabilitation team that can help you regain function and prevent complications that can reduce your quality of life.

Devices, Drugs and Malpractice

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are responsible for completing comprehensive research on any new drug or device safety before it is used to treat humans. Unfortunately, in their rush to get a product to market some companies cut corners or make safety assumptions that later prove to be incorrect. These errors lead to pain, suffering, infection, and complications that are more serious than the initial condition. Sometimes they even cause death.

Having a serious side effect from a drug or medical device is frightening. Dr. Vigna understands how important it is to have trust in your providers, and works closely with leading physicians and specialists so you can receive a second opinion on your injuries from a doctor who understands the current science, and has a proven record of quality treatment.

Dr. Vigna also works with victims of medical malpractice or individuals who developed complications such as bed sores (decubitis ulcers) in a rehabilitation or long-term care facility. In his position as the medical direct of a rehabilitation facility, Dr. Vigna required the highest standards of care from all of his staff, and he knows how to determine if adequate care was not provided.

Accidents and Assaults

Accidents happen in all walks of life, from work to play. While we are all responsible for using good judgment, employers and organizations are also responsible for providing a safe environment with properly posted warnings and protective equipment as needed. With budget constraints or negligent management, this doesn’t always happen. After any type of work related trauma such as a construction injury, burn, chemical exposure or slip and fall, consulting with a personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights. This is particularly important if your injuries affect your ability to continue working.

Dr. Vigna can also assess if your activity related accident, for example being provided inadequate protection during paint-ball games, was a result of negligence, so you can receive necessary treatments for your injuries.

Assaults can cause long-term medical and psychological trauma. Common injuries include facial and eye trauma, traumatic brain injury, neck and spinal cord damage, organ damage from stabbing and emotional distress. As a victim of assault you need a comprehensive plan that addresses your physical and psychological injuries.

Your Leading Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Dr. Greg Vigna works closely with leading medical specialists throughout California, including Alameda County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and the rest of the United States, and communicates with top rehabilitation centers as he assesses your injuries, and develops a case that takes into account your current and long term recovery needs. As your serious injury lawyer Dr. Vigna develops a comprehensive Life Care plan so that your jury ruling or legal settlement integrates every aspect of surgical, medical, psychological and functional requirements. Call us today to connect with a medical professional who cares, and receive a free case evaluation. As the only board certified rehabilitation physician, attorney and certified Life Care planner in the country, Dr. Vigna provides you with a level of care and advocacy that is unique and comprehensive.